Decolouring Thoughts.

What a hypocrite society we live in! The text books on which my whole life depended on said one thing and the society I live in propagates something else. Because of a feature that came to me by birth, which I had not decided upon, my life has become a mockery.
I am a dark skinned Indian girl, in my 20s. Right from the time of my birth, I have been treated differently. In my school, college, family functions people always crack doltish jokes on my complexion. I am always told that no boy would like me because I am dark. They say that they would have a tough time searching for my groom. There’s always a constant pressure on me. I try to feel secure, confident and happy with who I am, but the people around me never fail to discourage me. I am a laughing stock for everyone. People come and say they feel pity for me because I am black. I never in my life felt it is something awkward, but sometimes it is hard to digest. What have I done wrong in my life that I am isolated this way? Am I an alien? Is it my fault to be born with just another colour as the others? When will this fair skinned obsession of people end?
I don’t even know if I would ever get the answers.
You know what the society suggests? It is an alternative not an answer. Use fairness creams and lighten your colour. The fairness cream companies for their own profit, telecast some nonsense to heighten their product via advertisements. They use the taboos we people have in a way, that their products sell. They show that a dark skinned girl is not confident at all, but when she uses the fairness creams to lighten her colour, she becomes very brave and assertive. They depict the scenario in such a way that a dark skinned girl can never be confident, she can never be independent, she can never marry the person she wants. All these things aggravate the anger in me.

What’s there in the complexion? See the real heart of a person. Throw your fairness creams away and be happy how you are. Being dark is not a sin, it is natural. Remember that dark skin is the pioneer of all the skin colours. So, if there’s any inferiority, it should be the other way round.

This stereotype has been instilled in our society right from the colonial period. While they had used this to achieve their catastrophic goals, we still fall prey to it. What I wish out of this whole being of mine, is the open mindedness of people. I don’t feel sad for myself but all those people who mock me. Because, those people are not only insensitive but hardhearted. Most of us try desperately hard to become someone else that we are not. But, what we don’t realise is that we are shunning our identity.
God made us like this, all the same so we would treat each other the same and equally and not judge each other by the colour of our skin.

Hindu Reddy


7 thoughts on “Decolouring Thoughts.

  1. This is an unpopular opinion, but I think we should recognise people of different skin colours. If we are all the same, wouldn’t the world be quite a boring place to live in? Strangers will be just like replicas of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being dark skinned, but it is when society put labels that makes everything goes south. Be happy with who we are, and the people who love us for who we are will stay. 😉

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  2. The funniest thing about the human race is we decide to divide people based on something as silly as skin colour! I think there’s beauty in every kind of skin colour (I for one am partial towards darker skin tones – i think they look gorgeous). I love that you’re comfortable in your skin- that’s awesome. 😀


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