Live and Love.

It was as if my life broke into a thousand pieces. That moment was like a dream. No a nightmare. I was not able to understand the situation, let alone handling it. When your fate meets the destiny, your life tumbles down a stewn path of rocks. They say that, it when you are away from your loved ones that you will understand the eminence of them. Maybe, it was my time that day. My heart bailed out as I heard what happened to my husband.
We were very young when we met each other. Energetic, entusiastic, quick tempered, we had a lot in common. In no time we fell in love and married in a few years. We were a happy couple. We had our own jobs but never failed to spend time with each other. Be it going to a beach or to a date. We always preferred each other’s company. We shared every detail of our lives, happiness , sorrow and you name it. But, slowly we started to drift. He quit his job and started his own business. I objected to it in the beginning, considering the risks involved. But, he was adamant and my ego was the salt on the wound. We stopped talking. The only thing between us was our marriage. But, the strangest part of our relationship was that we never filed a divorce, even after living apart. Maybe that was the lifeline. We managed to sort our problems out.
He said to me “I took a vow to stand by you forever, there may be problems on our way ahead, but always remember that I am with you and will be till I die. No, I will be with you eternally.”
By then, he was doing quite well in his business. We planned on going to Hawai that weekend, but he had to go to Brussels to seal a business deal. Though he said he didn’t wish to leave me and go, I insisted him perhaps pressurised him to go.
He told he would call me in 6 hours after reaching Brussels from New York. It was already past 6hours, just then I heard that there was a bomb blast in the Brussels airpot. My heart was pumping at jet speed. I was unable to breathe. I kept telling myself that nothing had happened to him. Maybe, that was not what my fate wanted. I got a call from the officials that my husband……… he died in the bomb blast. I was told that he saved a kid in the due process.
The righteous perish in their righteousness and the wicked live long in their wickedness.
This is apt I guess. Those bloody terrorists keep killing thousands of innocent people and still have an upperhand. There are many people like me, who lost their dear ones. Is it because they deserve it? No, it is because there are mad lunatics in this world who wish it. They invoke their deity for all their barbaric sins and justify it. I wonder how someone can have such hatred towards others. We all feel pity, we all show our solidarity but it is when your loved one succumbs to it will you realise, the real pain. Imagine all those small kids who lost their parents. In that tender age not knowing where to go, not knowing why their parents left them, it is terrible.
You just need one reason to hate a person. But, it takes real heart to love someone. I would never expect those hatemongers to realise this. They think they are destroying our lives, they think we are weak when they drop bombs on us. But, they don’t realise that every bullet they shoot, brings us together and every bomb they throw, unites us against them.
Though I have lost my husband, I have not lost hope. Hope for peace, hope for better life and hope for rejoice.image

Hindu Reddy


18 thoughts on “Live and Love.

  1. I’m sorry I don’t know what to say, it’s just so heartbreaking. I’m extremely sorry for your loss.

    I can’t begin to imagine the pain you must be feeling. I myself have witnessed bombs going off; 2008, karol bagh, Delhi. Something like this, it scars you forever.

    But seeing you still going strong, it gives me hope. I wish you all the happiness in the world, stay strong πŸ™‚


  2. I’m glad this wasn’t your story, (although I thought it was) great post! really powerful and full of emotions. πŸ™‚
    I’d kindly appreciate if you could give me feedback on some of my writing when you have a chance.


  3. Wow thanks for the follow! I was literally just reading your post when you did haha. I love your writing! Keep it up πŸ™‚


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