Khana khazana😀

I start my day with so much positivity that half the calories I need in the morning is compensated with my unteempth enthusiasm to consume only healthy food from then on in my life. Till one in the noon, everything seems fine and fit. Then comes the afternoon meal time. I fix myself to eating brown bread that day, but the smells of those tasty Indian curries and sambar tempts me so much that I end up eating it all. Yes, till the last drop.(sob, sob) Then I say to myself ‘ It’s ok na, chill. One cup of rice and curry doesn’t matter. Have some healthy dinner tonight. Hisabh bharabhar.’
5pm snacks are the tasty diet disasters. I go out of the my home to burn some fat somehow, but my mummy’s oil filled samosas pull me so hard that I forget about my diet. After licking the plate neat and clean I say to myself again,’ These Indian mothers tho….. all the time they cook these oil food only. It is all because of my mother. If she cooks such kind of food how will I become thin? Baighan, I will become.’
Dinner calling! Vegetable salad for dinner. I almost grab the salad bowl, my father brings tasty tasty two tin ghee biryani. The connection between me and biryani is unbreakable. This time I say to myself,’ However, I didn’t eat according to the diet, so it’s okay to have biryani today. From tomorrow pucca, I won’t eat this junk.’
Next day: Cycle repeat.
I always had a carefree attitude about all this, but I realised that it is high time. From that day I ate only healthy food. No carbohydrates and lots of fibre and proteins. I started eating brown rice, brown bread and…….something else, I forgot the name. Moreover, I broke my biryani connection also.
It is very essential to be healthy and fit. Becoming obese is the worst thing that can happen. All of you reading this, should try and sweat out. Take inspiration from me. Eating fat to eating fit.
Why does this donut taste so gross? Ewww. Oops!!
Happy april fools!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hindu Reddy


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