Captivated in a cell, amidst my fellow mates,
Desperately wanting to open the gates.
Gutted by suffocation and congest
Could he have been more just?
Know not the problem of the Fuhrer,
But does this satisfy his raging anger?
Poor children dieing out of hunger,
But who can stop him except the thunder?
From Gandhi to Roosevelt, to Stalin and Churchill,
They could do nothing but to slope downhill.
The fortune of each WEALTHY, SELFISH Jew,
Was taken by the ruthless Nazis for a chew.
This period known as holocaust,
Brought into our peaceful lives a sense of aghast.
Driven by hatred and powered by homicide,
The atrocities of those tyrants,  got us petrified.
Scared imagining my dear ones relinquish their fate,
Can I do anything but to wait?


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