Living the moment

Photos, photos everywhere, but not a moment to cherish. Ok. So, this has become the current reality. Nowadays, it appears as if we marry for photos, we party for photos and we live for photos.
The whole purpose of social gathering, seems to have lost in the reels of the camera. People don’t talk anymore, because it is important to apparently CAPTURE the memories. There has been a drastic shift from enjoying the moments to digitizing them. Is this obsession aย result of the pressure to get likes on Facebook? Maybe, maybe not. After a few years when people look at those inscrutable selfies of theirs, would they possibly be able to recollect the memories associated with it? Forget recollecting. The fun they could have had in that time is lost.
Let’s take an instance, if you saw a cocoon turning into a caterpillar, what would you do? Habitually, you would take your phones out and try to record it. But, imagine experiencing the whole process, wouldn’t it be beautiful? And wouldn’t you be experiencing a natural phenomenon? If you wanted a video, you could take it from the internet as well.
Don’t let the number of photos you click decide the quality of time you had. Don’t stop a beautiful moment in taking out your mobile phones out of the pocket.

Live in a moment rather than capturing it. See the world through the lens of your eyes. The idea is not to stop taking photographs at all. It is important to hold memories through photos, but how legible is it, when our memories start and end with photographs?

Which mode or filter in your camera gives you better justice than experiencing the formation of a rainbow through your eyes?
Embrace the moment and treasure the memories.



12 thoughts on “Living the moment

  1. Someone finally said it! This is absolutely true. Two years ago my friends and I went to a trip on the beach together from school. We were so excited, we packed inappropriately so we would take “good pictures”. Fancy clothes and heavy suitcases filled our rooms. At the end of the day she we unwind and have fun to our greatest extent? No. We just posed and faked and smiled.
    However, last year we went to a place called Pondicherry from school again, and this time, we packed minimally and took hardly any photos and just ENJOYED.
    Pictures and photos are honestly overrated.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the article but the last few lines were the best.
    Recently, on my trip through the highways with greeneries around, I had a similar experience.
    Then I opted for my eyes to capture mother nature. Its always better.

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  3. I love that you talk about this. Interestingly, I’m usually the person that forgets to take pictures because I’m “busy in the moment”, yet because of this new culture of placing importance on digitizing every moment of our lives, I don’t see this as a good thing. After, when I see others posting and sharing tons of pictures I get this feeling that I missed out. I think, “why didn’t I take more -if any- pictures?!” The funny thing is, I didn’t miss out on ANYTHING! I was right there, enjoying every moment. So why do I feel this way? Do I think that if I don’t photograph every moment that I wont remember them? But, if I’m too busy photographing them, am I even really living them? I think I need to find a balance between the two, but for now you have me thinking of my non digitized moments as highly enjoyable “living-in-the-moments”.


  4. This so true that many people lose the beauty of experiencing the reality when they are eagerly wanted to capture themselves to change their profile picture… written beautifully.. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Wonderfully written. Me and my sister always discussed about this whenever we saw couples clicking selfies and posting it on social networking sites. I wonder what’s the reality! The affection which they show while posing may not exist in reality!


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