Irish potato famine


Thousands of people died out of hunger,
when Ireland was hit by the potato thunder.
People were shook by this famine,
They prayed and called for divine.
What were they going to eat- the Irish,
When they had no energy, sounding like gibberish?
Most of the crops were suffered by the blight,
Forcing millions of people to take a flight.
Occuring in the 19th century was this “GREAT FAMINE”,
Depredating large stretches of terrain.
For this was the greatest catastrophe that has ever occurred to the mankind,
Let’s hope for good and wish that it wouldn’t rewind.

The Irish potato famine is the most devastating famine that has ever occurred in the modern era. Not only did it lead to a crisis in the country’s economy but also caused diseases, and emigration.
The pathogen- Phytophthora infestans-  that caused the potato blight was identified a couple of years back.



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