Developiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg India

Whenever I look at the Indian flag what comes to my mind is “for how long will India be developing”. Hasn’t this tag hung around this country of diversity ever since Renaissance?(hyperbole). We have got metros in many cities, we have got airports in many areas, we have got a very strong electoral system, we have got natural resources to exploit, the banking system is good enough-so good that when a crony capitalist absconds, the officals do nothing but give statements of condemnation. And our social problems have been as small as our diversity. We have been having so secular leaders in our recent past that secularism itself would forget its meaning. The bureaucrats and the government employees are so sincere in my country, so very sincere that sincerity would run in search of its definition. When there are these many factors that could help in the DEVELOPMENT of our country, then what have we achieved in 69 years of independence? Well, keeping the sarcasm apart we did make some progress. But, there are some economic and social factors which kept fast development under the bay.

Effects of the colonial rule-

The British have ruled over the Indian soil for over 200 years. During this period, India’s resources were exploited and exported to Britain for their industrial use, whereas we got to use very less for expansion of our industries. There were many riots, atrocities, and divide and rule policies by the colons. Their rule actually meant the end of secularism-the Hindu, Muslim relations have strained around this time.

Deep roots of poverty-

There is a seemingly unbreakable bond between poverty and India. For the record, even after so many programs and policies formulated to bring down poverty, there has been little difference. This is both because of mismanagement of resources and regional disparities. People below the poverty line are into a vicious cycle. Lower education=lower job= lower pay= lower standard of living. In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. -Confucius

Income inequalities-

The richest 100 of our country contribute to 18 percent of the GDP. This speaks for itself. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It has been the same for ages. We will only be developed if there is no much difference between the income levels of people irrespective of their occupation. Another problem is gender inequalities. The economic and political dominance of men over women is not a good sign if a country wants to develop.

Communal problems-

Communal harmony is essential for any society. In a country like India, which is diverse, these problems are common. But, they have to be looked after and the extremists have to be checked. Riots cause a great of deal of commotion and economic loss.


Literacy level in any developed country is high. It is the education a person has that determines his productivity. Though there have been many measures taken by the government, the illiteracy level has not quite decreased. It stuck on the pillars of education as rust. There is also a need for skill based education.

Attitude of people-

 We admire other countries and talk great about them. But refuse to impart positive mindset from them. Having our culture and ethics with a good western mindset are no two different things. Development doesn’t pertain to only economic development but also changes in the attitudes of people. Progressive attitude is important and it is much more important than economic development. Sati, honour killingd, dowry system, all of these have been the product of our attitude.

This problems have been disrupting the development of the country. In pure economic terms it means that when a country is developed, people have more income which means increased consumption and more savings. Increased consumption is always good for the producers and the high savings are used as investment. This also means that people can afford goods even if the prices increase due to higher MPC(marginal propensity to consume). In a developing country the inflation rates are usually low and the interest rates are in such a way that they encourage lending.

It is not easy to achieve development in any country, with grassroots problems like the above mentioned. But, it is possible to fasten the progress. Singapore is a live example. They progressed in no time. All thanks to Kuan Lee. And the people too. It is way too impossible to have development without the support of the people. One can say that it is a small nation with less population, so it is easy. But, the density of this small island nation is almost 20 times that of India. There is an age old adage that says “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, but for India it should be “there’s a half hearted will and a half straight road”.

However, it would be unfair to say we have not made any development. From a country that was known as poor to a global power, it has not been an easy job. India is now a part of many treaties and organisations like the G20, BRICS, and SAARC namely. It has grown influence in the UN as well. We should tackle these problems collectively and make the economy robust. All we need is correct economic policies and the unity among people.


35 thoughts on “Developiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg India

  1. The only thing that really makes me angry about this country sometimes is the attitude of the people irrespective of their literacy.
    We need more than just a positive mindset, we need more than an influence, we probably need the impossible, to change. But i hope someday this nation will standout. someday.

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      1. Hey! Hope you’re doing well. I’d like to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the 3-Day quote challenge. Please check it out, if you want to do it! Thank you. 🙂


  2. Shift in attitude is needed along with new infrastructure & all ! Development of nation is only possible when the mindset of the people staying there is positive one. Stand on signal & we will find people break signal like anything . Respect for women has been disappeared since long. We certainly have positive side also but we need to re-inforce it. Blaming for situation is very easy stuff to do. But we as youth should come forward & take lead to take our nation ahead of everyone. That would be true patriotism !

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    1. Population control measure in China has been a flop. Though the population is reduced, it brought about inequalities in the sex ratio and the young population decreased too. Global powers and developed countries envy India because of our young population.
      But yes, too much population growth is also bad for the economy.

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  3. The rules and regulations of our country haven’t changed since the British period. There is very little protection for the women which is not a fault of the Govt.. more an influence of our patriarch culture where boys the opposite gender as rags (not all of them ). Yesterday while booking railway tickets a girl asked a female staff (not more than 25 yrs ) ” Is it safe for me to travel in sleeper class “? This may be a ridiculous question for those who don’t know the interior scenario of the Indian railways, but not for the middle class Indians, with the number of physical abuses we have to watch our back.The staff replied ” If you are good then there should be no problem “. Which means she pointed that the women are the reason for their own abusement. Isn’t this just great.
    In colleges after passing out when we seek out the results the authorities don’t hand it over to us without some bribery. There are many more cases which until fully under control cannot take the nation to a higher level.

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  4. Really nice article. The problems in India are deeply rooted and even our reigners have strengthened it further. Earlier all that colonial reign and the chaotic poverty has caused great damage to the nation and now we have such silly and frivolous politicians, who reach at the helm of affairs for their family gains. Maximum political party in India are family run and they have no empathy to the indians. See, whats happening to GST which has the power of bringing in lacs of job, organising economy and taxation,its suffering of personal political ratifications. Followed your blog, check mine if you wish to read/follow

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      1. Also its very pleasing to see you posting about these things or else girls and women in India Oftenly keep themselves away from such issues. Development would really start ehen half population of the country will come to fore for their responsibility and rights. Hats off Hindu. Your name is even no less than an ammunition.


      2. That is a very encouraging. Thanks a lot. Being an Indian teenager, I always feel I should do something for the betterment of our country. Nothing is going to happen if we be selfish and concentrate on our own thing.

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      1. I feel sad at how a havoc is created surrounding this issue. I feel Cauvery water is the right of both the states and a sensible decision by both the governments at question adds a lot of weight.


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